API World

API World is a three-day event that consists of a conference, hackathon, and expo. If you into development and love technological growth specifically blockchain, IoT, and more! It will take place at the San Jose Convention Center where you will be able to join 3000 engineers, executives, engineers, and so on!

There will be three key parts of the conference. It includes the following:

  • API: World - The Definitive API Industry Conference
  • The Microservices Conference: It is one of the largest conferences that will take place inside the API World. Here you will be able to learn about the expanding architecture of microservice and architecture.
  • API World 2018 Hackathon: Build something new by joining 300+ developers in Silicon Valley. It includes special prices that make use of IoT technologies and APIs.

API World Tracks

There will be many tracks that will be managed at the conference. Let's list them below.

  • Blockchain APIs: Here, you will explore blockchain APIs. Blockchain apps are hard to make and manage, and that's where the APIs come in. You can learn about the blockchain APIs and how they can be used to build blockchain apps. The track will cover the new set of APIs that help blockchain developers.
  • API Strategy: The API strategy will discuss how a company publish API and drive a business model.
  • Microservices Design and Architecture
  • Microservices: Service Mesh, Containers, Kubernetes
  • API project Management and Success Stories
  • OpenAPI/Swagger 3.0 Best Practices
  • Internet of Things APIs

At the event, you will be able to learn, hack and integrate. IT is more about APIs as now software is all about integration and the ability to plug into each other.


The 2019 speakers have not yet been announced yet. However, you can take a look at the 2018 speakers list to learn more about what they have to offer.

  • Rich Chetwynd - Product Manager APIs and Developer Experience
  • Savitha Ajitraj - Senior Product Manager
  • Abhinav Asthana - Co-Founder  and CEO Postman
  • Renu Motwani - Sr. Director, Product Management CA Technologies
  • Adam Tornes - Senior Product Manager -Twitter

and others!


The ticket pricing is as follows:

  • Premium Pass - $1300, June 20 Ends
  • Pro  Pass - $955, ends June 20

They also have a discount going on for students, governments, and Groups of 3+.

  • Students - 30%
  • Government - 30%
  • Groups of 3+ - 25%

Should you visit the conference?

If you are into the development world and want to learn about APIs for blockchain, Microservices and so on, then you should check out API: World.