3rd International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

3rd International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

CBT 19 is bringing their 3rd international workshop on Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We all know how blockchain technology is changing our world and the aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers and promote new systems based on the old systems that we are working on. It is all about creating a scientific background knowledge around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


There will be many topics that will be covered in the workshop. They are as below. Also, the list is not exhaustive and more topics can be added later on.

  • Privacy-preserving technologies
  • Cryptocurrency systems and formal threat models
  • Privacy and anonymity in cryptocurrencies
  • P2P network cryptocurrencies analysis
  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain technology new usages
  • Different types of consensus algorithms - PoW, PoS, PoB, and so on
  • Cryptocurrency based trust system
  • Existing cryptocurrencies and improved proposal
  • Cryptocurrency security analysis

and so on!

Program Committee

The key members of the program include the following

  • Alex Birukov, University of Luxembourg
  • Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro, Telecom SudParis, France
  • Daniel Augot - INRIA Saclay
  • George Bissias - University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA)

and many more!


The keynote has not been decided yet. You can check their official website to learn more.


The program is also yet to be decided. Keep following the page to learn more!

Call for Papers

The workshop relies heavily on new papers and hence they are calling for papers from the scientific community. The papers need to be unique and original and should not be submitted elsewhere. If you think you can fit the bill, then you should submit your papers. They also have more requirements regarding the paper submission and that's why we recommend checking their workshop page for more information.


To register for the workshop, you need to follow the ESORICS 2019 general registration instructions. The instructions will soon be out.


The venue for the workshop is the Parc Hotel Alvisse. It is present within the green surrounding of Luxembourg.