2019 Crypto Valley Blockchain Conference

2019 Crypto Valley Blockchain Conference is one of the prominent crypto conferences out there. It is going to take place in Zug, Switzerland from 24-26 June 2019. The IEEE and IEEE Computer Society handle its technical co-sponsorship.

Topics at the 2019 Crypto Valley Blockchain Conference

There will be many topics that will be covered from both the economics & finance, as well as, technological topics.

The topics from both the field are listed below.

  • Technological topics - Smart Contract Security, Identity Management, IoT and Shared Data, Decentralised Applications, Consensus Protocols, Privacy and Anonymity, State Channels and Chain Payment, Shared and IoT Data, and so on.
  • Economics and Finance Topics: Sharing and Token Economy, Policy and Regulations, Market Microstructure, Cryptocurrencies, Token Analysis and more!

Conference features and why you should attend

  • Speakers - Tons of amazing speakers, CEO's, CTO's, Government officials and so on!
  • Focus - Discussion and Presentation on state-of-the-art blockchain technology(both current and future)
  • Topics - The topics that will be covered in the conference include economy, technology, law, finance, and regulations.
  • Applications - Real-life applications that will discuss the different blockchain technology use-cases.
  • Satellite Events - There will be multiple events including talks, parties, workshops, and others to enrich conference experience!
  • Tutorials & Workshops - Get access to different topics of learning through workshops and tutorials.
  • Scientific Contributions - Get access to top 25 publications on ground-breaking discoveries.


There will be speakers from both technology track, Economics & Finance Track, Regulatory & Legal Track. Let's list them few of them below.

Technology Track

  1. Dr. Alessandro Sorniotti - IBM Research
  2. Lili Zhao - Director NEO
  3. Dr. Hubert Ritzdorf - CTO ChainSecurity
  4. Vasily Suvorov - CTO Luxoft
  5. Roger Darin - Bitcoin Association Switzerland
  6. Heather C. Dahl, Sovrin Executive Director
  7. Marleen Evertsz -CEO Nxchange
  8. Bobby Lee - Co-Founder oF BTCC

and many more!

Economics & Finance Track

  1. Dr. Paola Tasca - Director UCL CBT
  2. Dr. Pinar Emirdag - State Steet
  3. Dr. Martin Antoine - Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  4. Prof. Dr. Claudio J. Tessone, University of Zurich

and many more!

Regulatory and Legal Track

  1. Dr. Martin Hess - Wenger & Vieli
  2. Tom Lyons - EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
  3. Delphine Forma - Lykee
  4. Adrian Scatzmann - Swiss Bankers Association

and many more!


  • Attendees - 1200+
  • Speakers - 100+
  • Publications - 40+
  • Investors - 150+
  • Exhibitors - 20+
  • Satellites - 20+


The tickets are available in the following types:

  • Regular Ticket - 800 total count - CHF 510 - 40% limited time discount, satellite events, main conference, coffee, and lunch breaks
  • Networking Ticket - 500 total count - CHF 540 - 40% limited time discount, everything that regular ticket offers plus exclusive networking event.
  • Student Ticket - 120 total count - CHF 400 - Everything that regular tickets offer - only applicable to MA, BA and Ph.D. students