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Thales aims to help its clients to traverse through the ever-growing minefield of malicious intent through the whole wide web. Whether the client’s data is created and spread around the globe as it happens in major multi-national corporations, or it is only shared between a couple people and servers, Thales E-Security’s goal is to make sure said data is accessed by none other than the intended parties.

Blockchain Products/Services Offered by Thales E-Security

Hardware Security Modules and trust architectures offer variously: a root of trust hardening for cryptographic elements, process execution integrity, and enhanced trust for validators. As the worldwide leaders in data protection.

The company claiming itself the worldwide leader in data protection, Thales E-Security has establishments on the technological chokepoints of the world, Paris, France; Cambridge, UK; and San Jose, California. The company is offering a broad range of products and services, with an emphasis of increased control over safeguarding data and procedures, without breaking the regulations and industry mandates. These Thales certified hardware and software solutions claim to offer a blend of reliability and efficiency at the same time. Thales E-Security aims to prove the world a decision between reliability and agility does not portray the current technology and is destined to become a thing of the past. Backed by the data security experts in Thales Advanced Solutions Group, the company assures clients will rapidly find themselves in a position where they maximize their return on the data protection investments they’ve made while keeping up with the most recent technology and ways to implement them.

The Thales data security platform includes advanced key management, encryption, tokenization, and hardware security module solutions created to simplify and protect data processes in every environment regardless of scale, platform or format.

Solutions from Thales eSecurity also include today’s payments industry security challenges. Establishing reliability wherever payment data is created, stored, or shared. Compatible with all major payment applications such as host card emulation, secure element provisioning, mobile point of sale (POS) and mobile payments security, Thales covers every step of the way from the initial payment card issuance to ensuring the orderly processing of transactions when it comes to payments.

Whether looking to prevent abusive behavior by privileged users, encrypt sensitive data in a database, or address your compliance mandates in the cloud, Thales eSecurity Vormetric Data Security Platform aspires to be an all-in-one security solution for every database in the client’s repository.


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Sol Cates VP of Technical Strategy
Jonathan Geater CTO
Alan Kessler CEO