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Smart Block Laboratory was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2017. As an independent software company, Smart Block Laboratory has a team of professionals, such as computer scientists, software developers, and engineers, who are passionate about IT-technologies like Blockchain, Internet of things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud computing.

Smart Block Laboratory is an official and registered partner of IBM, helping them have a great solution for IBM to make their business easier and effective, able to compete better in the market with other businesses. Smart Block Laboratory is also an officially registered partner of Linux Foundation Hyperledger project, giving them their payment solutions. More than a year ago, Smart Block Laboratory came up with unique, Hyperledger-based platforms which include;

  •  CRYPTOENTER© platform: This provides safety to transactions and payments with cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and crypto values. Considering overall distributed functionality within a single CRYPTOENTER© platform, this new financial service simply has no analogs at the moment in the world financial market!
  • Rubicon Blockchain: The main task set during Rubicon Blockchain development is that it can make easy development and market entry for new services requiring the use of distributed storage technology and data validation.
  • This is a platform for structured access to validated data, collected to data flows through access points, forming a single network of data distributed storage.
  • ICONet: This performs audits for businesses willing to launch an ICO and provides them with legal support for ICO campaign performance to potential token buyers and ICONet issuers. Major ICONet includes; Token issue, Token registry, Dividend payout management, and Costs management
  • Internet of things (IoT) platform: This consists of hardware components and soft wares, meant to provide automatic services for device management. This offers of internet service, management and accounting for electronics such as TV, laptop and etc. With the IoT device management conditions are specified, for example when a customer buys a product equipped with an IoT device like a TV, the system periodically and automatically monitors the customer’s payments in accordance with the smart contract. In cases where the payment is not registered, the automated system will lock down the IoT device and the TV will stop working.

The platform provides a variety of services to customers which include sales credit, remote device control, and much more. The Blockchain Products offered by this Company include:

  • Design and development of blockchain networks based on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Analysis and development of business process models in information systems
  • Creation and management of cloud services
  • Project management.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Lvov Pavel Owner
Andrew Bokov IT Project Manager
Aleksey (Alexei) Anisimov Application Development Manager