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Securitize offers digital securities on blockchain platform.  It provides compliance blockchain protocols that effortlessly integrate with any of the digital security platforms chosen. It offers end to end secured document handling, investor accreditation, and communication protocols through its blockchain concepts.

Securitize provides security solutions to issuers, investors, and exchanges. The exchanges mainly include the digital tokens

The company offers solutions to financial investors and issuers. Both the investors and the issuers can conveniently work on the same dashboard. This helps the users to manage their digital securities at faster and more convenient rates.

The DS protocol of the company helps the users trading on exchange markets. This is because it makes the cross – border transaction possible with its blockchain protocol.

The company offers blockchain conceptualization for exchanges and execution of token rights as well. The company also offers wallet management, investor dashboard, token distribution, etc. The wallets designed, provide data encryption, application locking, session restriction, and are DSS compliant. The security products of the company that works on blockchain concepts are guided by global standards. Also, the wallet is compatible with international payment systems.

The company provides crypto escrow and fiat escrow services. With these services, one can remain anonymous to verify his digital signature. It also allows token swaps, by which one crypto currency can be exchanged with another. However, the exchanges are allowed to happen at predetermined rates. One can use token swaps to finalize a deal with Securitize.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Tal Elyashiv Founder and CEO
Jamie Finn Co-founder & Presiden
Carlos Domingo Founder and CEO
Crypto InvestmentsFinancial ServicesSecurity Tokens