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SecureKey technology simplifies consumer access to online services and applications thus breaking down the barriers in Diversity and Technology. As a leading identity and authentication provider, it allows customers to conveniently have access to their IDs and other personal documents using their smartphones or contactless cards whether they are online or offline, or in person or not, this service allows them to share the necessary documents easy and safely.

SecureKey’s next generation privacy-enhances services it enables consumers to conveniently and privately put in their identity information online using a trusted provider of their choice, ensuring that the information used is never shared without explicit user consent. There are over 80% Canadian online Government services such as Service Canada, Canada Revenue Agency and many more which you can access using SecureKey Technologies. The platform does not keep any personal information for example passwords, emails, and address, no private credentials are never shared here on this platform, which guarantees customer’s safety 100%.

SecureKey Technologies can also be used for digital Payments, Digital Identity, authentication such as Federated and Multi-factor authentications, digital personal credentials and much more. It builds cloud-based identity networks, for example, the ecosystem approach and an authentication network which connects people to online services.

This new technology guarantees operational efficiency, Integrity, productivity, confidentiality and much more. All this reduces the possibilities of fraud and customer privacy, customers can control the security of their personal data without problems.

SecureKey Technology is backed by a world-class group of ventures and corporate world investors; financial institutions such as BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotia Bank, TD, and other organizations like telecom network operators, governments, all those organizations that require online ID verification to build an identity network connecting consumers with online services to validate IDs. This creates the best experience in today’s digital environment, managing digital assets with no inconveniences.

SecureKey Technologies worked hand in hand with IBM to build a digital identity network in Canada to enables customers to join this secured network as easy and secure. The Hyperledger Fabric, a high-Security business network, and a permission-blockchain technology enable the components in delivering services which comply with regulations for data and confidentiality protection bringing Blockchain solutions to production.

SecureKey promotes a collaborative culture of innovation, creativity with the best and active mind using a traditional project management approach with a mission to deliver high value for consumer’s needs, guiding the consumer through this new technology integration.SecureKey joined hands with Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) to improve the standards-based initiatives for the ecosystems.


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