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R3 is a company that uses Blockchain technology and collaborates with many businesses involved in many different industries. R3 developed Corda, an open-source Blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise that is used for commercial and business purposes. These two platforms are interoperable. The Company also governs the Corda Network.

Corda Enterprise is a platform that offers consensus on the data, integration with the existing infrastructure, and applications for industries. Corda uses AMP and relational databases. Corda Enterprise exchanges and uses information from Corda open-source. It is created for business organizations that have precise demands about the quality of service and network infrastructure.

This platform offers the Blockchain Application Firewall, compatibility, maintenance of Oracle and SQL Server Databases. Corda Enterprise has a unique Blockchain Application Firewall that is installed in data centers and communicates safely with other nodes around the world. The open source Corda platform also allows users to directly transact with other business entity so you don’t have to worry about not being able to monitor the progress of your transaction on your own. It provides companies with the transparency that he needs to be able to work closely with other establishments without fear of potential security breaches down the line.

R3 works with clients and independent software vendors (ISVs) to consolidate the Corda platform inside the organization in order to have an efficient disaster recovery. This particular company has a global network of developers that can help them create superbly designed apps built for finance and e-commerce and place it on their exclusive Blockchain platform named Corda.

The company also works with over 200 other establishments which has tended into the largest collaboration of professionals in the Blockchain network and industry.

R3 manages Corda Network that is used for safe data exchange. This platform allows users to transfer digital assets, money, and identity information from one place to another. Some of the main services are a Network Map Service, Notary Service, Support Service and Identity Service. R3 Research gives insight into a Blockchain and does the analysis of the practical solutions in insurance, finance, payments and identity.
The company helps clients in developing Blockchain applications and setting them up on the Corda platform.

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