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Polymath is the networking platform which will help to make security tokens easily. It is simplifying the ways to create security tokens. On the other hand, Polymath works for bringing the multi-trillion dollar economic securities to the blockchain. It requires POLY, an ERC20 token for payments.

The team of the Polymath is controlled by Trevor Koverko (CEO). This networking company has earned lots of successes. Interfacing between the blockchain and economic securities, it is helpful for issuers to knock out all unpredictable technical and legal challenges. They’re involved with issuing systematic securities on the blockchain. Polymath is a resourceful and scrappy bunch, currently, at around 200 employees, the Company has a well-established and growing customer and partnership base across the supply chain industry.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Trevor Koverko CEO
Chris Housser Co-Founder
Financial ServicesSecurity Tokens