B2BBusiness Model

With the advent of Blockchain, many improvements in the protocols and algorithms were made. The need for improvements led to the creation of separate market space and companies, the IT ones specifically took advantage of the situation, which is clearly innovative. New Alchemy is such an organization, which designs say, the spare parts required for other elephant companies, to work properly with blockchain algorithms.  New Alchemy designs Tokens for different companies that are already using blockchain. Their tokens designs are backed from the data sets and a lot of expertise.

They also work with other organizations to provide them strategies on how they can secure their systems while using cryptocurrency. A few things that are added when a company issues, new alchemy’s token design, is the liquidity which means that even before locking any deal, with an investor, the token is designed so that it locks 1% of the investor’s capital thus preventing any kind of loss and creating a win-win situation.  They offer customized deals for the brokers, which increases diversity and gives creativity a chance to grow. This very thing creates an amalgam of business and IT minds towards a greater infusion.