B2BBusiness Model

Kadena offers simple solutions and tools for developing with blockchain.  Kadena is a company that is poised to activate the next set of business and social modification. The company’s blockchain has features such as scale, safety, rapidity, accessibility, and simple to use, so you can move us all to levels that we are yet to know. Their blockchain medium unravels important safety and scalability matters, and provides strong, powerful, still simple to use enhancement tools and aids. This is the procedure through which the blockchain acquisition occurs. Having worked at JPMorgan Chase, revealed the capabilities of current blockchain programming- and its restrictions. Right from the beginning, The company has structured Kadena for actual and tangible operations, to give a solution to actual establishment needs. This is the reason they have been listed in Fortune 100 business for more than a year. Some of the solutions Kadena offers are:

  • Write the future on Pact: Pact is a human clear and easy to understand smart deal language. It enables anybody to writes explicitly, straight and securely onto a blockchain- a real development for safe, computerized deals/contracts. Pact aids virtually all latest establishment models and on-chain services.
  • Public Blockchain: Supported by Chain web, the company’s interlinked chain offers incomparable rapidity and safety, easily incorporating with business models and structures.
  • Kadena at Business Scale: Effective and safe, it’s reachable to groups of all levels and experience stages, and simply integrates with current, available systems.

The key features of our company’s blockchain are Speed, Safety, Scalability, and Simplicity.

  • Speed: The existing blockchains have little output capacity and the tendency to be dormant. Kadena made changes to that with the private blockchain at Kadena, the foremost BFT-consensus protocol verified and tried at 8,000 TPS, with lag less than 100ms.
  • Safety: Pact smart deals make use of Approved Conformation. It allows you mathematically confirm your deals are void of serious flaws or malware that could amount to huge expenses or leave you susceptible to undue expenses.
  • Scalability: Kadena is structured for the next task. The classified blockchain has been tried to aid 256 nodes devoid of forgoing throughput. Their public chain consensus aids making available chains, so prominent software won’t delay dApps.
  • Simplicity: Adoption demands simplicity in usage. Kadena’s smart deal language Pact is easy to understand and accessible- yet strong enough to programme complicated deals and multi-party dealings.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
William Martino Founder
Tony Pham Marketing Head
Stuart Popejoy Co-Founder