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Coti, describes themselves as the future shapers of the cryptocurrency. Their CEO promises the IT world to revolutionize the crypto adoption techniques, used commonly these days.

The main applicants of Coti’s DAG protocol are Corporations. They can value themselves from the protocol by managing their monetary matters and payment networks for their users. Plus, they can get their share of effort from companies like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Other than corporations and enterprises, nonadmin payment systems can also gain help from this protocol. The main reason why cryptocurrency was introduced was the secure and equally parallel peer ship and rotation of money in decentralized payment networks. This way companies no need to pay any heed on the basic structure of financial affairs and can focus solely on the mission statements.

COTI’s protocol also offers the structure and basis needed for the stable coins. They offer free of cost stable coin services, scalability, and high speed. The crypto currency is also being adopted by some governments who are making stable coin, their monetary basis. COTI can provide them with all the basics they need.

The main revolution, that COTI’s platform provides is the layered structure of COTI. COTI’S infrastructure is based on the DAG protocol and trustchain algorithm.  Above the infrastructure layer is the services layer, its called the Coti X. In Coti X they have included a number of services, including KYC and Compliance, Interoperability exchange, Stability framework, Buyer-seller protections. The final and foremost layer is the COTIPLAY layer, it has in it for its customers, a wallet, debit card, POS support, externally developed payment Apps and externally developed stable coins.

In the following years, the main developments that have served as the backbone of the company include the following. Proof of trust, it uses a hash table as its data structure and is based on chaining. They maintain the trust scores consensus. The blockchain has a nature of securing the computing and privacy of customers above that COTI’s protocols have made a more secure transaction system for buyer and sellers. Another breakthrough is the inclusion of DSP nodes, the transactions can be made only when the double signature is provided. The advantages offered by COTI include, total cashback, minimal fee structure, extreme buyer-seller protection, understandability of UI and easy plugging in e-com sites and debit cards.

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