B2BBusiness Model
BootstrappedFunding Stage

Consensys is a growing Blockchain technology Company focusing on decentralization. The Company builds the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. Consensys believes that the next generation of the web is Web 3.0 and it will revolutionize the way we live our life from banking to medical. The Company does research and builds Web 3.0 tools and applications. They also provide high-quality Blockchain technology that can help customers. Consensys is home to many of the world’s leading blockchain experts, and the company is always ready and feels proud to collaborate with others in the space on open, shared infrastructure. Censensys is are at the forefront of a revolution by building technology and doing research in the Web 3.0 that will change the future of the entire human race and beyond.

Consensys is a global formation of technologist and entrepreneurs building tools and applications that will enable decentralized future. The company is building everything from infrastructure, developer’s tools, protocols based open platforms and network applications. These will impact every industry in the near future and will shape the future. The company also has an academy which is working actively to teach and spread the knowledge of Blockchain to the students and executives who want to start a business or invest in this technology.