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R&DProduct Stage

Cardstack constructs the experience on the top of the decentralized cloud services and protocols, so brand new value network can form over the existing data market relationships and assets. Card stack offers various blockchain services and products include Ethereum Virtual Machine, Hyperledger Sawtooth, and different types of projects to conceptualize, development and design ecosystems with the open-source tools and frameworks. Cardstack is powered with advanced data fusion layer it’s called Hub. It Sync data with the world, orchestrates card and it index data. Developers mostly import data from outside sources, Cardstack’s Deck data model provides them a template to turn data into the cards quickly and efficiently. The framework of the Cardstack’s is built on Node.Js and Ember. This framework allows developers to build interoperable apps, quickly module building, by the help of an open-source collection of integration and features.

Developers can  build web app by the help of Card Space, by embedding and combining cards. This is a Git-based control system and this version of system manage cards movements, Also allowing developers to experience interactive and collaborative web experience. Smart contracts have been used for billing and metering in Cardstack, based on usage data and rights so service providers and makers are rewarded equally for their work.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Ken Rossi UX Lead
Chris Tse Chief Technology Officer