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Bloq, Inc. is working to prepare companies for a most advanced and blockchain-enabled world, so they can complete efficiently and more fast transactions securely.

Bloq is helping to run and get in touch with blockchain, ironclad security, business trusted solutions, deep expertise, and enterprise-grade support. Bloq, Ins. Offers a wide range of services, products, and solutions to cut the total cost and operational barrier for firms and organizations struggling to innovate with the latest blockchain-enabled technology.

BloqEnterprise software plate form of the company allows organizations to build, scale and manage robust blockchain networks, which are backed by the enterprise-service grade and support. Bloq is an open source technology, which delivers the key connectivity tissue to safe and secure interoperate with the existing business models. The main focus of the Bloq’s technology is solving complex and key business-related issues provenance, security, reconciliation, and authentication. Bloq also offers to consult through BloqThink and strategic architecting.

Bloq, Inc. develops and designs software solutions and make available end-to-end platforms for delivery of real-time business risk and intelligence from decentralized applications and blockchain for enterprises. The Bloq is revolutionizing the enterprises with the latest blockchain technologies and building the most advanced and next-generation solutions of the blockchain decentralized protocols, and apps.


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Matthew Roszak Co-Founder & Chairman
Matt Lam Director of Client Solutions
Jeff Garzik Co-Founder
EnterpriseFinancial Services