B2B, B2CBusiness Model

Blocktech dates back to the founding of the bitcoin center in New York. The Company is a blockchain venture studio under the leadership of Nick Spanos focused on decentralization. Blocktech teaches journalists, students, professionals about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at the bitcoin centre. Home to many of the world’s leading blockhaim experts and also willing to collaborate with other visionaries. Today, we have been developing our own projects to expand and pioneer blockchain innovation all over the world. To achieve this, Blocktech  have different projects in the works, these are;

Bitcoin Center: This is the world’s largest brick and mortal crypto exchange.

Zap Oracles: This project is solely to connect real-world data to the blockchain.

Vote Units: Aimed towards conducting blockchain based elections.

Energy Ledger: To provide smart contract solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The Company also offers different courses for our students, these include:

Bitcoin101:  This is an introductory course that takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. The course introduces students to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We supply them with their first bitcoin wallet and also put them through sending and receiving their first cryptocurrency. After successfully completing the course, each student is issued a certificate by the Bitcoin Centre NYC.

 Intermediate Block Chain Course: This is a more in-depth course about cryptocurrency trading, online exchanges, proof of work, EOS, introduction to Ethereum, SHA-256, rootstock among others. Classes run from Monday to Friday. Upon completion of this course, students are given a certificate from Blocktech.LLC.

Advanced Bootcamp:  This is a 7day follow up a boot camp for computer science students who already have previous experience. Students are trained on solidity, Node JD, writing smart contracts, developing oracles among others.

They also offer support to developers and entrepreneurs as they build applications that will enable a decentralized future.

Blocktech also offers stimulating instructions for clithroughonsult on innovations while gathering like-minded individuals who are geared towards creating a more decentralized future. Blocktech is at the forefront of a revolution by teaching cryptocurrency to students and also supporting innovations and new technology that will impact the whole world in the near future.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Peter Gelardi Director of Business Development
Giancarlo Roma Product Consultant