B2CBusiness Model

Blockchains.my is a mobile wallet. The company offers a combination of blockchain technology and biometric identification system through its wallet. The mobile wallet is a tool to manage multiple crypto assets. It intends to provide maximum flexibility in digital currency usages. It simplifies the digital currency payments. With blockchains.my, one can also trade and exchange gold with real-time price monitoring by their side. With the wallet, one can utilize digital currencies in their daily activities.

The company’s design allows the wallet to use it globally as long as the cryptocurrency is accepted in that part of the world. It has launched the product in English. However, it is trying to localize the wallet in different languages.

The company offers data encryption which helps to protect the data transfers between the client and the application. The bank transaction, crypto transactions, legal document exchanges can all be highly protected with the concept developed by the company.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Arina Nonaka Senior eCommerce Customer Service Representative
Arai Ezzra Founder
Financial ServicesWallet