B2BBusiness Model

Blockchain Technology Partners is working with a mission to bring blockchain benefits to businesses and accelerating its adaptation by giving a powerful blockchain platform that’s free up enterprises to completely focus on application development with consulting, training and support provided by the company.

Blockchain Technology partners are simplifying the enterprise adaptation of technologies related to the blockchain. The company is fully loyal and committed to open source.

Blockchain Technology Partners is also a member of Linux Foundation and a  participant in Hyperledger communities. The main focus of the company is not blockchain infrastructures its main function is to accelerate innovation to build the business and business application development. The sextant is a new management platform is launched by Blockchain Technology Partners on AWS and BTP maintains this framework that gives the customers assurance of using tested versions of this framework.

Blockchain Technology Partners working with customers provide a blockchain-based solution that makes their business distinguish from the competitors. BTP has a crystal clear vision and successfully bringing business benefits by blockchain. The team of our professionals has the necessary knowledge to combine the components and delivering successfully. BTP helps you to easily navigate blockchain management.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Mike Zaccardo Lead Blockchain Engineer
Matthew Carson Chief Mining Officer & Co-Founder
Duncan Johnston-Watt CEO & Co-founder