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Blockchainofthings is the pioneer of the blockchain technology that helps in securing IoT, enabling smart assets and unleashing intelligent contracts. It offers proven, reliable and secure solutions for Bitcoin platforms. Their simple API – Application Programming Interface offers faster development and deployment of solutions to the Blockchain platforms. With lower cost, they are flexible and powerful

They support peer-peer tunnel messaging with large data transmission. This simplifies the complexity of cryptocurrency usage. They offer smart contracts in mature development languages that help to run the network at optimal speed. Blockchainofthings focus on cloud resources and this helps to invite central point of failure vulnerabilities. They offer crypto logically secured authentication that helps to check digital signatures. Their secure peer-peer global transaction infrastructure enables the customers to send encrypted messages with transaction auditing. The radical scalability using Bitcoin blockchain is also achieved through the technology offered by the company.

The experts working with the company are one of the leading personalities in the industry. They are very well experienced in the field of blockchain technology and are well versed in the advancements up to date. This helps the customers to get the latest solutions with the help of Blockchain technology. Blockchainofthings help in integration of business. It offers device connectivity through its decentralized applications working on blockchain technology. This helps to enable devices eliminating central failure points for smart energy grids, smart factories, smart cities and many more. The company helps to get hold of anti – frauds with the help of the technology. It is achieved by providing proof of origin, attestation, and chain of custody for supply chains, record management and many more.

Apart from this, it provides encrypted messaging for application edge devices. It offers cryptographic secure message tunnels, radical scalability for connected systems, permissions layers and firmware updates. The team of experts at Blockchainofthings are strong in their skills. The founder himself is a cryptocurrency expert. The team includes blockchain technology experts, virtual currency experts, software developers, marketing strategists, corporate strategists, bilingual education professionals, enterprise software sales managers, computation skills scientists, data scientists, and many other techs savvies.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Paul Martin VP e Business Technology
Deborah de Castro CFO/VP Operations & Strategic Development
Andre De Castro Co-Founder & CEO
EnterpriseFinancial Services