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Blockchain Helix is a company founded by Oliver Naegele that is focused on creating a home base for a digital identity for everyone. This company’s goal is to enable a trusted and secure digital economy and society, provides a secure and sovereign data identity database for citizens and consumers and also manages and teaches companies and administrations to manage data effectively.

Identity is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is, it is in other words “the sum of attributes that describe a human being in a unique way”. This company sees the need to solve the problem of digital identity, truly, there have been steps to solve this problem like the electronic ID cards which have failed, the only way to solve this problem is through the utilization of blockchain technology which makes use of cryptography and distributed network which gives rise to a structure that is transparent, this company believes that no other person apart from the user should control this and that is what this company is about.

Blockchain Helix provides services for companies ranging from gathering data to being able to have a self-administrating data set, also companies will have access to lower cost of acquiring data, validating data, managing and storing data. All of these company services are in full compliance with European regulation.
This company provides for transparency and for the first time, offers a platform that allows the user easy access to his data and to also control who sees and uses it.

Blockchain Helix also offers a stress free data collation and retrieving system for financial institutions through a platform called “Trust Provider Network”, this network connects financial institutions together and allows them to share validated data safely between each other, this reduces the stress users go through with KYC process when opening a new account with financial institutions and also reduces the cost of acquiring data by the company and at the same time minimizes manpower. This platform is in line with the data protection regulations since it is only the users that can give the institutions access to their data.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Oliver Naegele Founder
Lotharr Meffert CTO
ConsultingFinancial Services