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Blockchain Educators is an interactive and creative tech company and offers a variety of in-person blockchain educational and online education courses.

Blockchain Educators teach corporations, blockchain engineers and developers. Blockchain Educators provide Hyperledger training/courses to corporate clients, individuals, entrepreneurs, accelerators/incubators, advisory and code implementations for organizations.

Blockchain Educators gives you a great opportunity to discover professional certifications and technical blockchain training to get up-to-date on enterprise blockchain technologies.

A free introductory Hyperledger training course is also offered by Blockchain Educators to learn the basics of Hyperledger Blockchains use cases. They also provide Foundational Certification that delivers the utmost up to date syllabus on the blockchain technology.

Their online course gives you an opportunity to explore most popular blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Steller, Hyperledger, Microsoft Azure, Ripple, and most new technologies Includes NEM’s blockchain, and Eosio.

The company is committed to enhancing and teaching blockchain skills for your staff. Blockchain educators transform all size of companies by providing, training, and accessing talent for the upcoming times. The company is spreading the blockchain knowledge and certifications given by Blockchain Educators opens a new journey for you in the blockchain technology.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Thomas V. Rivera Co-Founder and CEO
Klee Walsh Co-Founder