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Blockchain capital is a pioneer venture focusing exclusively and absolutely on blockchain technology and crypto ecosystem. It was founded in 2013 to build world-class companies based on blockchain technology. Their network of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors bring resources to leverage blockchain technology to the world in profound and insightful ways.

Since its inception, it has financed more than 75 companies and projects. They invest in both equities and tokens and are multi-stage investors. The credit of inventing Security token through BCAP goes to Blockchain Capital.  It is a system to raise funds through an ICO.

ABRA, Alphapoint, bitaccess, bitfury, bitgo, bitpesa, bitwise, blade, blockcypher, blockstack are some of the active investments of the company.

The company is a family owned business run by the Stephens brothers. The brothers invented the “Nanocap” investing – venture capital style. The system focuses on micro – cap equities.

The company has leading blockchain experts in the market. The experts are well experienced and have been with the company since its inception. Their knowledge and skills help the company serve better. The company with its expertise offers design thinking led assessment that evaluates blockchain solutions from multiple dimensions. It includes the creation of Proof of concepts and their implementation in the technology.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
W Bradford Stephens Co-Founder & Managing Partner
P Bart Stephens Co-Founder & Managing Partner