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Bitmark Inc. is a company that provides a property system for digital data and property. It gives companies and individuals legal control over their data. The Company is involved in many businesses and industries such as entertainment, insurance, medicine, and finances.

Bitmark provides and helps individuals and companies to protect their digital assets in order to save their value. The Company also uses bitmark certificates and in that way makes easier the economical trade of registered titles.

Companies are using Bitmark services in various ways, but the goal is the same – to protect property rights. Bitmark also has a role in the health care industry (tracking consents for clinical trial matching), a music industry (registered streaming services copyrights) or a role in preventing claim fraud. The company provides easy access to anyone who wants to register digital asset or data as a personal property through IFTTT. Bitmark has also developed warranty code labels that match Bitmark certificates in order to protect the owner’s rights and prevent fraud. It also uses blockchain open source technology (Hyperledger) to simplify practical data and ownership transactions. Bitmark possesses a talented team of experts that is highly dedicated to developing products that fit even their own needs.

The Bitmark Blockchain is a property blockchain that provides the registration of titles as a digital asset. Each owner identifies himself with a public key and decides how to keep the private key. Every digital asset is registered as a bitmark certificate and every asset has to have a fingerprint hash, registrant, asset name, metadata (optional) and a signature of a hash. The data that is registered can be private or public, but that depends on the owner’s wishes. Bitmark has a system that is decentralized. When there are opposing ownership claims and legal disputes, the stability and invariability of blockchain allow being considered as a piece of evidence. This is the mechanism that helps the trade of the assets.

Bitmark offers other products. One of those products is Bitmark Health, an application that helps you store the entire medical documentation and history. This way, Bitmark registers the entire health data as a digital asset and property. Bitmark Registry Web App is an index of all registered property rights that allows you to look for specific properties, see account holders and verify their identity. Bitmark Trade helps business partners to form marketplaces and exchanges for companies and individuals.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Sean Moss-Pultz CEO and Founder
Casey Alt Head of Product & Design