B2B, B2CBusiness Model

B9lab is a company that provides blockchain education for developers and businesses. The Company is a general member of Hyperledger, silver member of The Linux Foundation and collaborates with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. B9lab offers online courses, workshops, and connections with certified developers.

Ethereum 101, Hyperledger Fabric 101, Tezos, Eosio, Corda Developer Course, Blockchain Economics are only several of many courses that can be found in the B9lab’s Online Academy. The clients of B9lab are talented independent developers, but also in leading institutions from all over the world. B9lab has as a goal to clarify blockchain technology in order to help talented developers to be a part of the blockchain project, but also to help organizations by providing them with qualified experts.

B9lab provides courses for beginners and professionals. Ethereum 101 is a course that gives insight into Backchain technology and Ethereum especially. It covers P2P systems, consensus mechanisms, Hash, blockchain, etc. On the other side, there is an Ethereum Developer Course for those with more experience. This course involves projects and challenges for developers, but they also learn about Ethereum platform, Solidity, and decentralized applications.

Hyperledger Fabric 101 course gives basic knowledge of Blockchain technology, Hyperledger Project and Hyperledger Factory. There is also a Hyperledger Sawtooth Developer Course that covers Hyperledger Sawtooth platform and its tools. The Course also gives insight into transaction families and SDKs such as Javascript and Python.

Blockchain in Production and Supply Chain Management Course provides information about practical aspects of blockchain use. It also includes modules about the history of Blockchain, patterns, smart contracts, possibilities and potential of Blockchain in Production and Supply Chain Management.

Blockchain for Decision Makers is a course that helps business leaders learn and get familiar with Blockchain technology. This course includes Introduction to Ethereum, Monax, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger. By familiarizing with blockchain, business leaders can make informed decisions.

B9lab is protocol neutral and covers different blockchain technologies in order to give the best educational experience to its goers. The Company cares about the social and ethical aspects of blockchain technology. B9lab is a co-developer of Satoshi Oath.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Ibo Sy Co-Founder
Elias Haase Co-Founder
Edward Hall Chief Creative Officer
Damien Ducourty Founder & Director