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ArcTouch is a blockchain instructive and buildout company with a history of digital foresight. With more than 10 years of software advancement expertise, ArcTouch assists organizations to change their businesses via blockchain-dependent distributed software and unchanging financial record technology.

The company’s blockchain professionalism cuts across the supply chain, financial services, beverages, mechanical, end-user products, and field assistance. In the beverage industry, ArcTouch makes use of private Ethereum and Azure blockchain as a Service, ArcTouch financial services are also carried out via our private Hyperledger and Azure BaaS. Likewise the mechanical industry, they also make use of their private Ethereum and Azure BaaS.

Blockchain Creation Services

ArcTouch helps to develop blockchain supports and guides to propel your business forward with true driven merits and a well-structured ROI. Some of the other services they provide as regards their blockchain technological expertise include:

  • Plan and Framework: Ranging from opportunity evaluation to invention and in-depth analysis technology seminars, the blockchain programmers can assist you to evaluate opportunities for your enterprise.
  • Fast Prototyping: At ArcTouch, our blockchain programmers can develop a functional prototype DApp for you in a very short period of time, could take just a few weeks, so you can be able to observe and quantify the impacts it has to your enterprise.
  • Production Execution: ArcTouch company’s blockchain development group develops safe and flexible production applications, and can manage proceeding support and DevOps.

Other blockchain expertise is as follows:

  • Top blockchain protocols, some of which include Hyperledger, Ethereum, Quorum, and Corda.
  • ArcTouch also offers Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) forums from Amazon AWS, IBM and Microsoft.
  • ArcTouch helps to develop private, public and hybrid consensus prototypes.
  • Development of smart deal languages such as Solidity.
  • Development of blockchain and analysis tools, such as MetaMask, TestRPC, Truffle, Wallet, etc.
  • ICO and Tokenization analysis.

For over a decade, ArcTouch has supported establishments develop a mobile-first mentality, creating software that changes how individuals make use of mobile and connected gadgets, between establishments and their clients and within the business for their workers. Now, they have to reexamine how these software & technologies are developed secretly. With the track record and technical proficiency in mobile, connected smart outputs, and business software, the company is well prepared to capitalize on the exceptional merits of blockchain technology as a component of subsequent series of connected software.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Paulo Michels VP of Engineering
Eric N. Shapiro CEO
Adam Fingerman Founder, Leader, Builder
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