B2BBusiness Model

Altoros is a company that uses Hyperledger technologies to consult and help organizations digitize their revenue stream. The company provides individual and on-site team training and public classroom courses in order to build competitive advantages for enterprises.

Altoros provides hands-on training for professionals everywhere around the world so they can improve their skills in blockchain technology, PaaS (Platform as a Service) and cloud development learning.

The Company assists and consults business organizations in their digital change by using the operation of Cloud Foundry installations, but also involves implementations for PaaS providers. Altoros has Cloud Foundry experts in its team that are very skilled and experienced in the open source technology.

Altoros uses a prototype that is developed by the Company itself to show how a single or few applications can benefit from the platform. Altoros is also involved in the platform’s optimization, and performance. The Company will make sure that your deployment is strong, secure and that gives the best possible results with minimum resources.

The Altoros experts will help you empower your business organization with blockchain, artificial intelligence, Kubernetes enablement, and application development. They will help you to create a working strategy and apply it in many different industry sectors (manufacturing, energy, finances, health care, retail.


Full Name Title LinkedIn Profile
Renat Khasanshyn Founder and CEO
Kristina Volchek Chief Marketing Officer
Andrei Yurkevich President and CTO