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ProductionProduct Stage

Abra is the world’s first digital cash peer-to-peer network. The Company is bringing innovation and innovation to Cryptocurrency investing. You can find more than 20 Cryptocurrencies in one wallet. This makes Abra first company that brings such a diverse range of cryptocurrencies in one wallet.

Abra provides services in the US and the Philippines for now. They plan to expand their services to other countries in the near future.


Full NameTitleLinkedIn Profile
Bill BarhydtFounder & CEO


Funding Round DateFunding RoundName of InvestorAmount InvestedName of Partner
January 1, 2015Round AFirst Round Capital
January 1, 2015Round ARatan Tata
January 1, 2015Round AAmerican Express Ventures
July 1, 2014SeedDigital Currency Group
July 1, 2014SeedBoost VC
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